CCPS Central Office Directory

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Updated 7/28/15

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Alisauckas, Jeffrey

Supervisor of Curriculum and Instructional
Resources-Teacher and Leadership Development

 386-1542 jjalisa
Andrews, Michael Deputy Supervisor of Facilities Maintenance and
 751-3199 maandre
Baptist, Chantress Supervisor of Human Resources 751-3070 cjbapti
Barrett, Kathy Pupil Personnel Worker 751-3108 kjbarre
Bechtel, Christine Supervisor of Special Education - Middle Schools 751-3047 cebecht
Becker, Ellen Construction Project Manager 386-4437 embecke
Blonkowski, Ann Supervisor of Early Childhood Education  751-3069  amblonk
Bowen, Claudia School Psychologist 386-1819 crbowen
Bowers, Brenda

Program Manager, Community and
Media Relations

751-3019 blbower
Bricca, Gregory Director of Research and Accountability 751-3068 gjbricc
Brown, Beth Supervisor of Social Studies 386-1688 sbbrown 
Bugbee, Mark Pupil Personnel Worker 751-3135 mlbugbe
Burns, Patricia Coordinator of Interpretation and Translation Program 386-1699 paburns
Busher, Lisa Supervisor of Accountability and Assessment 386-1514 labushe 
Caine, William Facilities Planner 386-1817 wecaine
Caples, Michille Grants Analyst 751-3082 mdcaple
Codner, Nancy Supervisor of Purchasing 751-3060 ngcodne
Coleman, Gloria School Psychologist 386-1827 gwcolem
Creekmore, Cynthia Assistant Supervisor of World Languages 751-3064 clcreek
Czajkowski, Dawn Internal Auditor 386-1698 drczaj
Dale, Stephanie Supervisor of Elementary Education - ELA 751-3095 saking
Davis, Gary Chief Information Officer 751-3500 grdavis
Doan, Melissa Pupil Personnel Worker 386-1595 madoan
Dolch, Kimberly Director of High Schools 751-3044 kndolch
Dwyer, Deb School Psychologist 386-1678 dadwyer
Dye, Mary Pat Coordinator of Special Education 751-3953 mhdye
Eisenklam, Michael Supervisor of Curriculum and Instructional
Resources - Elementary Instruction: Science/
751-3153 moeisen
Falls, Dana Director of Student Services 751-3123 dafalls
Farver, Jane Volunteer Program Coordinator 386-1536 ejfarve
Fiore, Lavonne Pupil Personnel Worker 751-3179 ljfiore
Flaherty, Patrick Television Manager 751-3493 pfflahe
Foster, Dona Supervisor of Research and Accountability/
504 Coordinator
386-1822 mdfoste
Gaddis, Carey Supervisor of Community and Media Relations 751-3020 wcgaddi
Gehr, Judith Secondary Math Coordinator 386-1690 jagehr
Glorioso, Gabrielle School Psychologist 386-1529 gmglori
Gomes, Filipa Supervisor of Health Services 751-3124 fdgomes
Gordon, Julie School Psychologist 751-3002 jcgordo
Gray, Russell Director of Special Education 751-3079 rsgray
Green, Katherine Supervisor of Pupil Personnel and Student
Support Services
751-3119 kdgreen
Gretzinger, Brenda School Psychologist 751-3691 bggretz
Gross, Douglas Supervisor of Facilities Maintenance and Operations 751-3470 degross
Gruss, Cristina Assistant Supervisor of Fine Arts 386-1811 cmgruss
Guthrie, Stephen Superintendent of Schools 751-3128 shguthr
Hammond, Kelly Coordinator of Curriculum and Instructional Resources 751-3103 kkhammo
Hardesty, Michael Director of Transportation Services 751-3229 mjharde
Hart, Kendra Supervisor of Elementary Education 386-1660 kyhart 
Chief Financial Officer 386-1829 cjhartl 
Hicks, Donn Supervisor of Elementary Education 751-3148 dthicks
Hildebrandt, Irene Supervisor of Library Media 751-3490 idhilde
Hill, Thomas Director of Middle Schools 751-3157 gthill
Holechek, Terry Coordinator of Curriculum and Instructional Resources 386-1689 tjholec
Jagoda, Amy School Psychologist 386-1818 aljagod
Jayman, Janetta Supervisor of English and World Languages 751-3057 jjjayma
Johnson, Steven Assistant Superintendent of Instruction 751-3138 smjohns
Kachik, Debra School Psychologist 751-3001 dkkachi
Kaufman, Kathy Supervisor of Special Education - High Schools 751-3086 mkkaufm
Keith, Kelly Human Resources Specialist 751-3333 kmkeith
Keith, Kenneth Supervisor of Finance 751-3085 kekeith
Kephart, Linda Supervisor of Health and Physical Education 751-3056 lmkepha
Klinger, Judy Supervisor of School Counseling 751-3125 jakling
Kraft, Chris Coordinator of Special Education 386-1666 pckraft
Leahy, Melissa School Psychologist 751-3018 mzleahy
Levroney, Patricia Supervisor of Equity and Community Outreach 386-1680 ptlevro
Lippenholz, Colleen School Psychologist 386-1519 cblippe
Lucido, Andrea

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and
Board of Education

386-1670 a_lucid
Luette, Catherine Pupil Personnel Worker 751-3107 csluette
Marks, James Supervisor of Construction 751-3129 jwmarks
Marvel, Inez Coordinator of Early Intervention Services 751-3624 irmarve 
McCabe, Cynthia Director of Elementary Schools 751-3009 camccab
McFadden, Susan Pupil Personnel Worker 751-3106 srmcfad
McGrew, Michael School Psychologist 386-1528 mwmcgre 
McNett, Edward Assistant Supervisor of Career and
Technology Education 
751-3049  ecmcnet 
McCauslin, Angela Supervisor of Career and Technology
751-3104 acmccau
Mesta, Pamela Supervisor of ESOL 751-3173  pamesta
Minor, Sharon Supervisor of Information Technology 751-3500  sdminor
Mongold, Donald Pupil Personnel Worker 751-3110 dmmongo
Moore, Byron Area Supervisor in Transportation Services 751-3229 cbmoore
Morgan, Kathryn Coordinator of Curriculum and Instructional
Resources - Career and Technology Education/Career Development
751-3131 kdmorga
Muniz, Kimberly Supervisor of Student Services and Special
751-3109 kamuniz 
Nefflen, Katie Coordinator of Curriculum and Instructional
Resources - Secondary Science
751-3468 kmneffl
Nowicki, Raymond Buyer 751-3060 rjnowic 
O'Meally, John Area Supervisor in Transportation Services 751-3229 jpomeal 
O'Neal, Jonathan Assistant Superintendent of Administration 751-3127 jdoneal
Parrish, Jennifer Coordinator of Special Education - Autism Services  751-3140 jjparri
Parsons, Scott Area Supervisor of Transportation 751-3229 scparso
Pentz, Rose Pupil Personnel Worker 386-4446 rrpentz
Peters, James Supervisor of Science 386-1813 jbpeter
Peters, Kristi School Psychologist 386-1821  klpeter 
Pfaff, Margaret Director of Curriculum and Instructional Resources 751-3067  mepfaff 
Poisal, Stephanie Payroll Officer 751-3136 srpoisa
Prokop, Raymond Director of Facilities Management  751-3177  rnproko 
Quinn-York, Jocelyn Human Resources Specialist  751-3077 jpquinn
Rathgeber, Dawn Assistant Supervisor of Health Education  386-1687  gdrathg 
Rauen, Stephanie Human Resources Specialist - Benefits  751-3074  shrauen
Reilly, Cynthia Buyer  751-3060  crreill 
Rockafellow, Gretchen Supervisor of Special Education - Elementary


Rodriguez, James Supervisor of Athletics 751-3059 jarodri 
Rogers, Jeffrey Supervisor of Fine Arts 751-3055 jproger
Sandridge, Paula Coordinator of Curriculum and Instructional Resources 386-1808 pjsandr
Sarno, Karen Supervisor of Food Services 751-3041 krsarno
Saylor, Jimmie  Director of Human Resources  751-3070  jlsaylo 
Schindler, Jessica Senior Accountant (Accounts Payable and Fixed Assets) 386-1814 jhschin
Seashole, Jenn Supervisor of Information Services 751-3500 jlseash
Sexton, Andrew  Supervisor of Budget and Grants 751-3083 acsexto 
Sherry, Mary  School Psychologist  751-3014  mmsherr
Shorter, Keith Area Supervisor in Transportation Services  751-3229  kbshort 
Shoup, Steven Pupil Personnel Worker  386-1838 scshoup 
Shriver, Laura School Psychologist 386-1530 leshriv
Shumaker, Bryan STEM Coordinator 386-1667 bsshuma
Smith, Alice Coordinator of Research and Planning 386-4423 amsmit3
Smith, Juralee School Psychologist  386-1830  jasmit2
Snyder, Marianne Human Resources Specialist 751-3076 mcsnyde
Swack, Mary Supervisor of Mathematics 751-3066 meswack
Thomas, Danielle School Psychologist  386-1679  dmthoma
Thompson, Laura Pupil Personnel Worker 386-4447 lethom2
Timcheck, John Coordinator of Environmental Safety 751-3114 tstimch
Ugarte, Miguel Construction Project Manager 751-3112 maugart
Varrone, Joseph Senior Accountant (School-Based Training and Support) 751-3081 jrvarro
Wagner, Abby School Psychologist  751-3012 amwagne
Wallis, Kathleen Supervisor of Title I 386-1535 kmwalli
Weaver, Jamie Coordinator of Teacher Induction 386-1686 jlweave
Weinberger, Elisheva School Psychologist 386-1531 etweinb
Wienholt, Brian

Supervisor of Middle School English Language Arts

751-3158 bfwienh
Williams, Duane Supervisor of School Security and Emergency Management 751-3171 dawill2
Wittle, Christine Supervisor of Special Education - Elementary 386-1826 c_wittl
Wright, Andrea School Psychologist 386-1679 adwrigh
Zirpoli, Susan Coordinator of Special Education 386-1664 sbzirpo