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School/community partnerships are supportive, collaborative efforts created to achieve mutually agreed upon goals and activities intended to benefit students and ensure their success. Carroll County Public Schools encourages and supports business and community partnerships. The Office of Business and Community Partnerships brings schools, businesses and community organizations together in order to benefit our students. For partners, the benefits are immediate and long-term because an effective education system provides a strong foundation for economic success in our community.

Purpose Statement: Partnerships with business and community members and agencies are a vital component of community collaboration to strengthen education for all children.
Vision Statement: A quality education is one of the most important factors in determining an individual’s chance at success in life. Through building broad-based partnerships, the Carroll County Public School System aims to invigorate the principle of equal educational opportunities for all.
Mission Statement: To promote student success and achievement for all through an increase of community input and involvement.

Goals of the Office of Business & Community Partnerships:

  • Support existing partnerships between Carroll County Public Schools, businesses, and community agencies to enhance the efforts of staff and community members.
  • Create new partnerships between the school system, local schools, businesses, and community agencies to support the education of all children.
  • Heighten community awareness of the desire of the school system to actively partner with local businesses and community agencies.
Resources for Partnerships
Introduction to the partnership program and benefits Partnership Overview
Examples of ways to partner with schools Partnership Examples 
Steps to take in order to start the partnership process

Partnership Steps 

Partnership definitions, guidelines and standards Partnership Definitions

For additional information, or to become involved in Carroll County Public School System partnership enhancement efforts, please contact:

Patricia Levroney
Supervisor of Equity and Community Outreach
Carroll County Public Schools
125 North Court Street
Westminster, Maryland 21157