Computerized Cash Register System

New Technology In Food Services!

The Food Service Department installed a new computerized cash register system in our school cafeterias. 
·         Parents are able to put money on account for meals and snack items by sending in cash, checks or using an online credit card payment service.
·         Cash and check payments have no service fee and online credit card payments have a small service provider fee.
·         Parents are able to monitor their child’s meal account activity online at no charge at
·         Students can pay cash or they can access the pre-paid money on account at the cafeteria register. 
·         Students access their account by using an input device.
·         Children eligible for free or reduced meals seamlessly receive that benefit when using this system. 
·         Prepaid cashless sales help speed up lines.
·         Making payments is more convenient for parents.
·         The system allows you to track your money and your child’s purchases.