Student Account Information


Welcome Back! We’re glad that you are here!
Please be sure to join us every day for a delicious, healthy breakfast and lunch. We have been busy making your school cafeteria hi-tech and better than ever. Here are some things that we think you need to know to enhance your cafeteria experience.

  • Did you know that your child has a cafeteria account? Every student who goes through our cafeteria line will use a unique, Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access their account. Parents have the option to add any denomination to the account for the purchase of meals and snack items. It is a convenient way to ensure that money is not lost or forgotten during that hectic morning rush!
  • Ok, so what is the PIN? Each student has been issued a unique, 5 digit PIN number. Please help them remember this number! It makes the line move faster and ensures that everyone has plenty of time to enjoy their meal. If they do happen to forget the number, the cashier will be able to find it for them.
  • How do I put money on the account? It’s easy!

    • Visit to add any value to the account with a credit card. (There is a small service provider fee for the transaction.) You’ll need  your child's PIN number to complete the simple registration process. Please note: online payments require 24 hours to process before your child can access the money.
    • You can still send in a check to your child’s cafeteria. The cafeteria manager will add it to the account.
    • The money added to the account can be used to purchase meals AND snack items.
    •  And of course…we will still accept cash! Cash transactions will also require your student to enter their PIN number.
  • Can I monitor what my child is purchasing? Sure! Visit and set up a FREE account. Once you complete the simple registration process (you’ll need  your child's PIN number to get started) you can set up low balance alerts and monitor what they are purchasing.
  • You can forget about use it or lose it! Any money that is left on your child’s account will carry over from year to year.