Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement is one of the benefits extended to employees of Carroll County Public Schools.  This benefit allows employees to continue in professional and academic growth activities while reducing or eliminating the cost of course work. The stipulations for tuition reimbursement vary between units.  Please refer to your Master Agreement for the specific guidelines and eligibility requirements applicable to your circumstances.
The processing of tuition reimbursement requests is given top priority in the Department of Human Resources. 
To ensure that your requests are handled as expeditiously as possible, please follow these steps:
1.    Complete the Carroll County Public Schools Course Pre-Approval/Tuition Reimbursement form or the Pre-Approval for Direct Billing and Cohort Courses form for cohort and direct billing classes.  Your request will be reviewed and the form will be returned to you.  Retain this form until the course has ended and your grade is posted. 
**Remember to electronically sign and date your pre-approval form**
2.    Attach to the form the official transcript (retain photocopies for your records) and a copy of the detailed bill or a receipt from the college indicating the breakdown of tuition and fee costs of the course.
3.    Courses completed through out-of-state colleges and universities online may require additional documentation.
4.    Forward the entire packet of paperwork to the Department of Human Resources.  Do not send items separately.  Transcripts and forms received separately will be returned to you, which will delay the processing of your request.  Reimbursement Request Forms received without official documents and receipts will be returned.
5.    The fiscal year runs July 1 through June 30.  Reimbursement requests for course work taken in the fall must be received in Human Resources by June 30 of the same fiscal year.  We allow until October 1 to receive tuition reimbursement requests for course work taken from January 1 through June 30 of the same calendar year.  **The course ending date on the official transcript determines which fiscal year the funds will come out of.**
Please keep in mind that tuition reimbursement requests received in Human Resources after the appropriate due dates will not be eligible for reimbursement.
If you are also seeking an evaluation for an additional area of certification, classification IV (masters or “equivalency”), classification V (masters degree + 30), or VI (masters degree + 60), please be certain to include a written request along with the reimbursement form and official transcript. 
Reimbursement payments are paid semi-monthly via the employee’s direct deposit or paycheck.  Tuition Reimbursement will not be taxed nor will it affect W-2 wages for year end.  Contact the Department of Human Resources for follow-up if you have not received your reimbursement four (4) weeks after the date the request was submitted.