Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program


"Volunteers don't necessarily have the time, but

they have the heart."


The Carroll County Public School System encourages and welcomes volunteers. Volunteers strengthen ties with families, community members and business partners. Volunteers are those who offer their time, effort and/or talents without receipt of monetary compensation or service learning hours to benefit students in the school system. Kids on a Bus

The Carroll County Public School Volunteer Program utilizes the skills of Level I and Level II Volunteers.

Level I Volunteers (guest readers, business representatives, concession stand operators, etc.) must annually register at a school site before volunteering by completing a required form.

Level II Volunteers (classroom helpers, chaperones, mentors, etc.) are required to attend an annual training session at least seven (7) school days prior to volunteering. School days are defined as days when schools are open for students. Volunteer training, obtained during the school year, is valid through September 30th of the following school year.  In addition, Level II Volunteers who are selected to chaperone an overnight trip/activity must submit a background check request thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled event. The information obtained from a background check is only valid for the school year it is requested.

Volunteer training sessions are held throughout the school year. A comprehensive list of training sessions is available on the Carroll County Public School's website. Additional information may also be obtained by contacting Jane Farver, Carroll County Public Schools Volunteer Program Coordinator at 410-386-1536 or ejfarve@carrollk12.org. The invaluable contributions of volunteers are recognized and appreciated by the staff and students of the Carroll County Public School System.


"A volunteer is a person who believes that people

can make a difference - and is willing to prove it."

- Anonymous