Master Plan Update



The Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act of 2002 (Senate Bill 856) required each local school system to develop, adopt, and implement a five-year Comprehensive Master Plan. Carroll County's initial plan was submitted in September of 2003 to MSDE for review and approval.


This comprehensive plan described the goals, objectives, and strategies that would be used to improve student achievement and meet Maryland’s performance goals. In developing plans, Carroll County Public Schools focused on strategies to accelerate academic excellence for all students and to eliminate achievement gaps among students. In addition, CCPS was required to integrate state, federal, and local funding into their master plans. The During the 2003 legislative session, the General Assembly expanded the scope of the Comprehensive Master Plans, under Senate Bill 498, to consider capital improvements that may be needed to implement the plans and the impact that strategies in the plans will have on public school facilities  


The completed and most recent Race to the Top application can be found here.