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Carrolltowne Elementary School, built in 1976, is set on an 18-acre site in Eldersburg.  The school's 82,772 square foot area includes enclosed classrooms for grades K through 5, as well as one  Pre-K classroom.  Also included is a gym, cafeteria, media center (renovated in the summer of 2006), and special area rooms for music, art and small group work and resource services for children with various handicapping conditions. There are also 3 relocatables used as classrooms.

The staff numbers approximately 106, including administrators, classroom teachers, specialists, assistants, secretaries, nurses, custodial and cafeteria personnel.

Carrolltowne Elementary offers the following programs:

A challenging instructional program that utilizes the Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum, common core curriculum, and county benchmarks for reading and math.

The active engagement of the learner within a risk-taking environment allows the student to accept responsibility for his/her learning through a constructive, meaningful experience, discovery activities, and authentic "real-life" problem solving. Thus, the learner will utilize higher level thinking skills when applying newly learned knowledge or for self-assessment. Teachers make instructional decisions based on assessment, instruction and curriculum. Students are flexibly grouped and may change groupings based on instructional need at any time during the school year.

The Gifted and Talented Program for identified gifted and talented students in grades 3, 4 and 5. The program is taught by an itinerant gifted and talented resource teacher.

A half-day Pre-kindergarten program for 4 year olds who meet the eligibility requirements.

Who is eligible for the Prekindergarten program?

 - children who are residents of Carroll County

 - Children who are 4 years old on before September 1

 - Children who qualify under the Free and Reduced Meal guidelines

 - Children who are homeless or in foster care


A full day kindergarten program that utilizes common core curriculum and consistent county curriculum to meet the developmental needs of 5 year olds.

A regional special education program of services to meet the needs of students preschool through fifth grade from feeder elementary schools. This program is in addition to the continuum of special education services offered to all students in the regular education program.

A program that respects the differences of children and encourages responsibility within each individual.



School days at Carrolltowne are marked by many special activities designed to promote school spirit and to encourage and recognize students abilities. Among these are:

Color Days - Periodically, the principal will announce "school color days". Students and staff are encouraged to show their pride in our school by wearing the school colors of red and white.

Cultural Programs - The PTA sponsors varied cultural programs that provide extension of academic curriculum.

Field Trips - Each grade level plan field trips that coordinate with their program and extend learning opportunities beyond the limits of the school building.

Fourth and Fifth Grade Chorus - The chorus, under the direction of Vocal Music Teacher Mrs. Kathy Saxton, is open to all fourth and fifth graders. Rehearsals are during school hours.

Instrumental Music Program - The instrumental music program, under the direction of Music Teacher Mr. George Smith, is open to all fourth and fifth graders. Rehearsals are during school hours.

Music Programs - Students demonstrate their vocal and instrumental talents to family and friends at programs held in the winter and late spring.

Book Buddies - Fifth grade students become Book Buddies to kindergarten students. The book buddies spend time with the kindergartners, reading to them and capturing what they have read with fun activities.

Field Day- Held in May and organized by the P.E. teachers, Field Day is a full day of athletic events designed for students at all grade levels.

Yearbook -A special committee staffed by fifth graders and parents who capture the year's highlights in photo form.