Cosmetology is a 1500 hour program approved by the Maryland Board of Cosmetology. At the completion of the program, students must pass a written and practical examination to become licensed Cosmetologists.

A candidate must satisfactorily complete qualifying exam.

Cosmetology is approved as a Completer Program (a graduation requirement option).

Cosmetology may grant 10 student service learning hours in level one and 30 student service learning hours in level two.


- Denise Bitzer ( )
- Cori Lewis ( )
- Wendy Litchfield ( )
- Jacquie Miller ( )


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Cosmetology Handbook


Program Schedule:

- SPRING of Junior Year (3 credits) - Cosmetology I-Principles and Practices of Cosmetology
- FALL of Senior Year (3 credits) - Cosmetology II-Advanced Cosmetology
- SPRING of Senior Year (3 credits) - Cosmetology III-Mastery of Cosmetology

Required Prerequisites:

- Human Anatomy and Physiology taken as a prerequisite or concurrently with first semester of Cosmetology

Recommended Career-Related Courses:

- Psychology I

- Business Principles & Practices

- Biology and Chemistry

- Public Speaking

- Sociology

- Business Communications and Keyboarding

Major Units of Study:

- Hair coloring, cutting, and styling

- Chemical texture: permanent waves and chemical hair relaxation

- Face/scalp treatments

- Manicuring and Pedicuring

- Human Anatomy: Apply basic concepts of anatomy and histology to cosmetology

- Business procedures: How to plan, organize and run a salon

- Customer relations: Learn proper practices needed to develop professional client relations

Continuing Education Opportunities:

- Articulation: Receives Required State Certification Hours

- Barber Schools

- College

- Cosmetology Schools for Manager Training or Teacher Training

- On-the-job Training

Technical Training for Beauty Industry Career Opportunities:

- Licensed Cosmetologist

- Manager

- Manicurist

- Shop Owner

For more information about careers in the cosmetology field, please check out this link to the United States Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook.