Drafting gives students the opportunity to learn the proper use of drafting instruments, techniques, and the related theory necessary to prepare for involvement in drafting and related fields of employment.

Drafters prepare detailed drawings based on rough sketches, specifications, and calculations made by scientists, engineers, architects, and designers.

Drafting is approved as a Completer Program (a graduation requirement option).

Drafting may grant 10 student service learning hours per level.


- Michael Alban ( mwalban@carrollk12.org )


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Major Units of Study:

- Architectural - Study of Residential Construction

- Civil - Study of Land Survey Construction

- Computer Aided Drafting

- Mechanical - Study of Technical Construction

Continuing Education Opportunities:

- Articulation with Carroll Community Colleges and York Technical Institute

- College

- Military Services

Career Opportunities:

- Cartographer

- Construction Consultant

- Drafter

- Project Manager

- Self-employment

Career Specific Electives:

- Advanced Electronics

- Advanced Graphics Communications

- Math Elective Beyond Algebra II

- Graphic Communications

- 2D/3D Art

- Foreign Language (2)

- Electronics

- Science Research

- Technical Drawing & CADD 1, II

For more information about careers in the drafting field, please check out this link to the United States Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook.