In the hands-on Masonry Program, students learn to construct interior and exterior walls, columns, doorways, window openings, fireplaces, chimneys, foundations, patios and sidewalks from brick, concrete block and stone. They learn to mix/spread mortar, set-up scaffolding, read blueprints and plans, and estimate materials needed for a project.

Students are also trained to lay-out buildings on footings and establish grades using a surveying transit. Upon completion of the Masonry Program, students are qualified for full-time employment programs in the construction field.

Masonry is approved as a Completer Program (a graduation requirement option).

Masonry may grant 10 student service learning hours per level.


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All of the construction programs are certified by the National Center for Construction. Students have the opportunity to become A.B.C. (Associated Builders and Contractors) Certified.

Accociated Builders and Contractors: Each construction program is associated with ABC. The following is from their website: "ABC, as the sole association in the United States devoted exclusively to protect the merit shop construction industry, truly represents the entire construction team. ABC members range from emerging companies to multi-billion-dollar international firms. It includes general contractors, specialty contractors in all areas of construction, industry material, equipment suppliers and professionals. Because of the broad diversity of its membership, ABC offers a tremendous array of services and programs to meet the specifice needs of its members."

Major Units of Study:

- Basic Hand Tools

- Construction of arches

- Brick Veneering

- Building Brick/Block Leads or Corners

- Preparing Foundations, Footings and Waterproofing

- Setting up scaffolding

- Laying brick to the line

- Stonework/layout work

- Blueprint reading

- Estimating

Continuing Education Opportunities:

- Apprentice Programs

- College

- On-the-job Training

Trade and Technical Schools Career Opportunities:

- Brick Layer

- Contractor

- Estimator

- Foreman

- Mason Tender

- Masonry Contractor

- Renovation Specialist

- Self-employment

- Stone Mason

For more information about careers in the masonry field, please check out this link to the United States Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook.