Academy of Health Professions

Certified Nursing Assistant OR Physical Therapy

Successful completion of the fall course work with a C or better, certifications, and an attendance of 94% are the prerequisites for level 2 of the program in the spring.

Parents are responsible for daily transportation for students enrolled in the Academy of Health Professions programs. Furnishing transportation for these experiences, in all cases shall be the responsibility of the parent/guardian. In no event shall the Board of Education of Carroll County, its agents, or its employees be held responsible for any injury that may befall a student or a third party during a student’s participation in such events taking place off school property, or in transportation to and from such events.

Prerequisite -

Chemistry II

Skills Aquired-

Foundations in Medicine and Health Science

Structure and Function of the Human Body

Continuing Education Opportunities:

- Articulation: Receives Required GNA Certification Hours

- College

- Technical Training Programs

Career Opportunities:

- Allied Health Agencies

- Home Health Agencies

- Hospice/Hospitals

- Long Term Care Facilities

- Medical/Dental Offices

- Private Duty

- Psychiatric Facilities

Certified Nursing Assistant

This program provides the individual the skills to function as an assistant / technician to health care professionals in a variety of settings. Completion of the Certified Nursing Assistant training is one option available to the student. Practical application through planned clinical experiences in several health care service areas is included in the curriculum. All student clinical experiences are supervised by health care professionals.


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Fall Semester of Senior Year:

- Honors Foundations of Medicine (1 credit)

- Honors Structures and Function of the Body (1 credit)

- Certified Nursing Assistant (1 credit)

Spring Semester of Senior Year Options (2 credits each)

- Honors Academy of Health Care Internship (which could lead to a GNA)

- Honors Surgical Technology

- Honors Health Care Technician

Surgical Technologists are integral members of the surgical team who work closely with surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses delivering patient care before, during, and after surgery. A surgical tech or "scrub tech's" primary responsibility is maintaining a sterile field, handling the instruments, supplies, and equipment necessary for surgical procedures. He / She understands the procedures being performed and anticipates the needs of the surgeon. Course includes theory and a clinical component.

Honors Health Care Technician provides basic training in EKG recording, phlebotomy (blood drawing) skills, Basic First Aid (National Safety Council), Basic Life Support for the health care provider (American Heart Association), rehabilitation assistance (occupational and physical therapy), and introductory medical office skills. By completing this program students will be able to seek employment at most health care offices / facilities, or continue their education for certification / associate degrees in these areas. Course includes theory and clinical components.

Physical Therapy

This college preparatory program gives you the opportunity to learn and develop the skills needed to continue your education in the fields of physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, sports medicine and speed and language pathology. Students will be able to complete an internship in any of these health care fields during second semester.


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Fall Semester of Senior Year:

- Honors Foundations of Medicine (1 credit)

- Honors Structures and Function of the Body (1 credit)

- Physical Therapy (1 credit)

Spring Semester of Senior Year Options (2 credits each)

- Honor Academy of Health Professional Internship (2 credits, this option provides students interested in pursuing careers in rehabilitation health services which include physical therapy, occupational therapy, sports medicine)

For more information about careers in the machine technology field, please check out this link to the United States Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Registered Nurse

Physical Therapist

Athletic Trainer