Ebb Valley Elementary School

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Interesting Facts


Ebb Valley Elementary School is 73,103 square feet.  The building was designed with a capacity of 591 students in grades Kindergarten through five, and Pre-Kindergarten.  The building includes 1 Pre-K classroom, 4 kindergarten classrooms and 20 classrooms Grades 1 - 5 with additional special area classrooms including art, health, music, media, computer lab, reading, a cafeteria, and gymnasium.

Ebb Valley is a two story school with Kindergarten and First Grade on the main floor.  Grade Two, Grade Three, Grade Four and Grade Five are on the second floor.

The heating and air conditioning system uses a geothermal design.  The system uses the earth as a heat exchanger.  There are heat recovery units that keep warm air from being vented to the outside while allowing fresh air for ventilation.

Ebb Valley Elementary School lies in the historic Ebb Valley area which was home to mining operations that were served by the Bachman Valley Railroad.  Ebb Valley Station was a station stop on the Bachman Valley Railroad.  Local trains connected to the Western Maryland Railroad into Pennsylvania.

Ebb Valley opened in the 2008 - 2009 school year with a population of 485 students. Currently our enrollment is 513 students Grades Pre-K to 5.