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PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) at Ebb Valley

PBIS Mission: Maximize student achievement by teaching and reinforcing pro-social behaviors/skills and maintaining a climate of high standards of conduct throughout our school.

The four tenets or "Checkpoints" for Successful "Flight" at EVE are:
1. Respectful Flight: To consider thoughts, feelings, and possessions of others
2. Responsible Flight: To take care of or do something on your own
3. Prepared for Flight: To be 'Ready' (in the proper mindset for learning, always have necessary supplies)
4. Safe Flight: To be free from harm or danger (never jeopardize the health/safety of self or others)

All students at EVE are explicitly taught how each checkpoint looks and sounds by using the behavior matrix (our 'curriculum' for behavioral expectations) and other instructional resources/materials (see below). Students may receive Flight Feather Tickets from a teacher wishing to acknowledge a student for displaying an example of one or several of the "Flight Plan" expectations. The student saves one half of the ticket, and deposits the other half info the "Eagle's Nest" (classroom container) in his/her homeroom for weekly collection and raffle entry. The saved ticket can be cashed in for rewards determined by the grade level team (classroom privileges, prizes, or preferred activities). Weekly raffle winners are personally congratulated on the a.m. announcements and certificates/small prizes are given out during class meetings. Expectations are revisited regularly throughout the school year by teachers and staff in all settings school-wide. Quarterly Pep Rallies are held to recognize excellent behavior, to review Flight Plan expectations, and to motivate students for a new upcoming quarter.

Additional facets of PBIS:

Cafeteria Tickets: Special Flight Feather tickets are given out in the cafeteria to highlight and reinforce excellent whole-class cafeteria behavior. The cafeteria also hosts a special privilege--seating at the V.I.P. table with two friends. V.I.P. seating is a reward that can be earned by cashing in flight feather tickets to the classroom teacher (grade level team). Once a student cashes in enough tickets, a teacher helps the child make a 'reservation' on a particular day when that child may sit at the V.I.P. table with two friends. Students or classes earning tickets in the cafeteria are usually highlighted in some way (monthly, grade level team, etc). The PBIS team, is looking to implement a parent-support piece in our cafeteria. We are seeking parent volunteers to help supervise and monitor cafeteria behavior as well as support and encourage students with special incentives (more information to come).

Golden Feather Duster Tickets: Custodians may recognize classrooms that point to students being responsible for the work area that they share. 'Winning' classes may be highlighted every other month and receive a golden feather duster and certificate in the classroom as well as special congratulations.

Data-Analysis: The PBIS team meets at least once monthly to review disciplinary data and make decisions.  The team values feedback from all school stakeholders.

Grade-level Team Incentives- Aside from the above school-wide recognition/reward systems, grade level teams may design incentives specific to the grade-level (additional ceremonies, awards, flight feather tickets for specific 'flight plan' behavior- ex. "This week we are really looking closely at hallway behavior. Most flight feather tickets will be given out in the hallway this week.").

Ebbie's 'Pilots' (potential start date- Spring 2015)- Sometimes individual students need more frequent reminders/support in order to meet with behavioral success at school. We are looking to implement a possible "Ebbie's Pilots" program to provide students with more structure: a daily reminder chart that gets signed as teachers/staff 'check in' with students at the beginning of the day to remind/encourage them, and 'check out' with students at the end of the day to see how the day went and provide feedback in the form of point totals.