Ebb Valley Elementary School

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Resource Team

Click on the underlined link to e-mail the teacher, assistant, or resource team members include:

Mrs. Abell, Special Education Resource - tlabell@carrollk12.org

Mrs. Anderson, Instructional Assistant - jlander@carrollk12.org

Mrs. Arabio, Math Resource - afarabi@carrollk12.org

Mrs. Burnham, Instructional Assistant - l_burnh@carrollk12.org

Mrs. Cole, Special Ed. Inst. Assistant - sacole@carrollk12.org

Mrs. Daily, Special Education Resource - kmdaily@carrollk12.org

Mrs. Faccone , Reading Specialist- llfacco@carrollk12.org

Mrs. Jarkowiec, Hearing Itinerant - ewjarko@carrollk12.org

Mrs. Langmead, Occupational Therapy - dllangm@carrollk12.org

Mrs. Maclean-Blevins Special Ed. Inst. Assistant

Mrs. McCubbin, School Counselor - cnmccub@carrollk12.org

Mrs. Patterson, Instructional Assistant - ndpatte@carrollk12.org

Mrs. Portney, Physical Therapist - dlportn@carrollk12.org

Mrs. Snyder, Gifted and Talented - mmsnyde@carrollk12.org

Mrs. Sunderland, Speech/Language Pathologist - hjsunde@carrollk12.org

Mr. Szabo, Learning Support - rlszabo@carrollk12.org

Mrs. Warner, Special Education Resource - ldwarn2@carrollk12.org

Ms. Wienholt, ESOL - d_wienh@carrollk12.org

Mrs. Yingling, Instructional Assistant - dmyingl@carrollk12.org