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119 North Main Street   Union Bridge, MD  21791
Phone: (410)751-3307(410)751-3307   Fax: (410)751-3309

Tracy Belski, Principal
Kim Renfro, Assistant Principal

The Elmer A. Wolfe School was historically significant for its association with the development of public education in Union Bridge and Carroll County. The Elmer A. Wolfe School represented the consolidation and modernization of public schools during the 1930s that transformed the public school program.


2016 - 2017 Supply List 

Reporting an Absence or a Change in Dismissal:
Please use the email below to report an absence or if you have a change in dismissal procedure for your child.

 Bowls in the PARCC  Bowls in the PARCC Activity

Elmer A. Wolfe Elementary School's Faculty and Staff believe that:
  • school, home, and community should be in a partnership to foster the growth of students;
  • school will be a safe and nurturing environment;
  • teachers will have high academic expectations for all students and challenge them to learn at their own developmental rate;
  • students will be given a thorough academic background in the content areas;
  • students should be able to function independently and in a group;
  • students should become problem solvers and life long learners;
  • students should demonstrate pride in their school and in their work;
  • students should accept responsibility for themselves and their interactions with others;
  • and students should demonstrate respect for themselves, others, and their environment.

    Our Vision is to:






    Our students are blasting off to a successful year! We have identified the following behaviors as evidence that our students are STARS:

    show Respect

    Take Pride

    Act Responsibly

    Ready to Learn




    School Closure/Boundary Adjustment
    High Schools
    ·         North Carroll High School
    ·         Manchester Valley High School
    ·         Westminster High School
    Middle Schools
    ·         New Windsor Middle School
    ·         Mt. Airy Middle School
    ·         Northwest Middle School
    Elementary Schools
    ·         Charles Carroll Elementary School
    ·         Ebb Valley Elementary School
    ·         Runnymede Elementary School
    ·         Taneytown Elementary School
    ·         Elmer Wolfe Elementary School
    ·         Westminster Elementary School
    ·         William Winchester Elementary School
    ·         Manchester Elementary School
     NOTICE TO THE  Elmer Wolfe Elementary School__   COMMUNITY
    On Wednesday evening, December 9, the Board of Education approved a school closure and boundary adjustment plan.  Elmer Wolfe Elementary School  is one of the schools impacted in the plan.  Please visit the Carroll County Public Schools website at http://www.carrollk12.org/boe/boundaryadjustment/default.asp   to review the official notification of the Board’s decision and the final report and recommendation.