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This website is an excellent resource for career exploration and preparation.  This site has interest surveys, career profiles, salaries, economic outlook and education required for various professions as well as leads to post high school colleges and trade schools.
US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Great site to research the future trends and requirements of specific careers.
Good site for searching for summer jobs or post high school jobs and it's local!
There is lot to explore on this site! It provides students with job hunting tools and career tools. Also provides information on job preparedness: i.e. resumes, portfolios, dress.
If you are in the MST academy and want to become an engineer, check out this site and look at what the industry is requiring.
For more resources, click on the FSK School Counseling links.
Resume Help:
This website actually gives you a template to fill in your information. Each section of the website is explained in detail describing its purpose on the resume.
AIE website provides templates, career exploration, and even college planning. There is a variety of topics covered but is a great site to use when preparing for Mock Interviews.
Great site specifically geared towards high school students. The resume samples will get you steered in the right direction for the Mock Interviews. If you are serious about a summer job, you may also want to check out the Cover Letter section.
Resume Template:
Click here to open a resume template--this will help you begin to write your resume.
Professional Dress:
Great website to learn various strategies in preparing for a job AND has great literature on Dressing for Success. It’s vital to dress the part for an interview!
How do you dress for an Interview? This site is full of information and is a good guide to use when prepping for the Mock Interviews.
This website covers every you need to prepare for Mock Interviews. Professional Dress for women and men are covered in detail. It also provides interview questions. 

Sample Questions:
Not sure what the interviewers are going to ask? Head to this site FULL of information. This site provides the questions and the best answers to those questions.
Use this website to help you find a job shadow location. Make sure you click on Member Directory first.  Use the script given to you in your advisory.