Career Connections - Students

Francis Scott Key students have many opportunities to explore careers and learn about career preparation/development.  As a freshman, you learn about careers, create your four-year plan and begin the exploration process.  Throughout advisories, you learn important skills for success as they relate to both your personal and professional life.  Through career preparation activities in the junior and senior year, you are provided with several opportunities and experiences to help you make important life-long decisions.

Career Connections Opportunities Available to Students:

Job Shadow Day:  Each November, Carroll County Chamber of Commerce sponsors a Job Shadow Day where students can spend a day with an employer to learn more about a particular career field and/or setting.  Also, throughout the school year, if you would like to explore a career field, individualized Job Shadow Days can be arranged through the Career Connectiosn Coordinator.

Mock Interview:  Each spring, all juniors are required to participate in Mock Interview Day.  Employers and community partners from the region spend the morning at FSK to provide one-on-one "mock" interviews.  Students are prepared for the experience through their advisories, where they learn about the job preparation process, create a resume, learn about "dressing for success" and practice their interviewing skills.  The Mock Interview Day is the culminating experience that helps students practice their interview skills in a safe and constructive setting. 

Internships:  Seniors at FSK are eligible to participate in a Career Connections Internship experience.  Internships are offered to students in home-school completer programs and to students who have a sequence of courses in a particular major.  This culminating experience offers students a "hands-on" opportunity to explore a career field.  Please see "internships" for more information.