Child Development Knowledge

Child development refers to how a child becomes able to do more complex things as they get older. 

Development is different from growth.  Growth only refers to the child getting bigger in size.


The Parents as Teachers curriculum, through home visits, offers activities for you and your child.  It also supports parents by helping to develop age appropriate goals and to have age appropriate expectations.  It does so by consistently looking at and discussing these four areas of development:


Gross/fine motor:  Gross motor involves the
large muscles of the body. 





Fine motor involves the small muscles of the
body, like the hands and face.





language - what a child says. 
Receptive language - what a child understands.




Intellectual:  Thinking skills, including
learning, understanding, problem solving,
reasoning and remembering.




Social-emotional: Interacting with others, having
relationships, cooperating and responding to the
feelings of others.