Elementary English Language Arts

Four Students Reading A Book

Literacy Vision

Each one of our Carroll County Public School students will purposefully and critically engage texts and communicate with accuracy, clarity, and impact.

Literacy Mission

The CCPS Literacy Mission of Carroll County Public Schools is to develop the ability to access, understand, organize, evaluate, and use information from a variety of sources for multiple purposes.


 We BELIEVE each ONE of our students will be able to read and
comprehend for different purposes including enjoyment.

Therefore, we will provide every student explicit literacy instruction
in all contents that promotes the transfer of reading
skills relevant  to academic and personal needs.

We BELIEVE it is our responsibility to ensure current research-
based instruction on the five components of reading to each ONE of our students.

Therefore, we will provide explicit instruction on the five reading
components: phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and

We BELIEVE every student will progress in literacy.

Therefore, we will support, monitor, and communicate progress with
students and parents. 

We BELIEVE developing mindful communicators who are able to Read,
Write, Think, and Speak begins:

One School System at a time-
Therefore, Carroll County Public Schools will demonstrate
consistent commitment to content-based literacy improvement.

One School at a time-
Therefore, each school will monitor high expectations for

One Teacher at a time-
Therefore, we will provide teachers opportunities to build skills
and knowledge that expand their capacity to support literacy needs
of every student.

One Child over time-
Therefore, we will increase communication about students’ literacy
progress as they transition between grades and school. 


 For Additional Information, contact
Stephanie Dale
Supervisor of Elementary English, Reading and Language Arts