Elementary Science

How do the stars stay up in the sky? Where did the moon go?

Why do leaves turn colors? Where does sound come from?

Three  curious, young children looking at a turtle.

(Image courtesy of Creative Commons.)

Young children are curious. They ask hundreds of questions and often demonstrate characteristics of scientists at a very early age. At Carroll County Public Schools we want to keep this love of science, investigation, inquiry and discovery alive and to help our young learners find the answers to their questions. The elementary science programs is committed to increasing student interest and participation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)  and to developing curriculum that provides opportunities to apply science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts and skills in integrated and meaningful ways.

Our goal is to make learning about science fun for our elementary students. We want our students to love science and look forward to practicing reading, writing,  mathematics and social studies skills and processes during science time. CCPS students learn science through laboratory investigations and experiments, reading, technology and problem solving.
The Carroll County Elementary Science program develops skills, processes and content knowledge in five areas of science (earth/space, life, chemical, physical and environmental) in order to learn about the natural world. Students develop critical thinking and problem-solving to engage in discussions about important issues involving science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
All CCPS curriculum is guided by the standards and objectives of the State Curriculum to ensure a consistent program for all students. The elementary supervisor, resource teachers, and classroom teachers collaboratively develop curriculum and assessments, provide professional development for teachers, and assist them in implementing successful instructional strategies and practices.
We believe that a world-class science curriculum engages students in learning through investigations and hands-on, authentic experiences. 

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Elementary Supervisor-Science
Michael Eisenklam
125 North Court Street
Westminster, MD 21158
Mentor Teacher
Gina Koger
125 North Court Street
Westminster, MD 21158
Secretary for Elementary Science
Darlene Wheeler
125 North Court Street
Westminster, MD 21158