Elementary Social Studies - Kindergarten

In Social Studies, kindergarteners begin learning about themselves and move outward.  They develop an understanding of self, one's relationship with others, and one's relationship to the environment.  The curriculum is designed to introduce students to concepts related to map skills, past and present, and citizenship.  



I.  Rules and Responsibilities

  • Identify the importance of rules.
  • Identify symbols and practices associated with the United States of America.

II.  Me and My Family

  • Describe how transportation and communication link people and places.
  • Describe how people adapt to and modify their immediate environment.
  • Distinguish among past, present, and future time.
  • Compare daily life and objects of today and long ago.
  • Identify similarities and differences in people's characteristics, habits, and living patterns to describe how they meet the same human needs.
  • Demonstrate how groups of people interact.
  • Explain how technology affects how people live, work, and play.

III.  Me on the Map

  • Identify and describe how a globe and maps can be used to help people locate places.
  • Describe places in the immediate environment using natural/physical and human-made features.



  • Discuss rules you've developed for your home and why they are important to the functioning of the family.
  • Discuss rules (laws) that you, as an adult, must follow in society.
  • Share how your or a grandparent's daily life as a child differed from his/hers. 
  • Share objects from long ago and their current equivalents.
  • Point out destinations on maps (print or electronic) and tell them where they are going.