Carroll County Public Schools offer all students in high school access to elective drama programs. The availability of the course offering at each high school is determined by the number of students who indicate a desire to take Drama classes through the course selection process. The high school drama programs offer opportunities to explore a variety of literature and active involvement in curricular as well as extracurricular theatre program experiences. Enrollment in the curricular classes fulfills the fine arts graduation requirement mandated by the State of Maryland. The high school drama programs offer course work that can provide students with the ability to begin their journey to have the theatre arts as a profession or to gain a richer insight to a life long avocation. Ask your school’s drama director how to get involved in the extracurricular drama productions at your school.

Some elementary and middle schools provide opportunities for dramatic productions. These are often an extension of the ILA (Integrated Language Arts) program and/or the Choral Music program.