The Carroll County Public Schools Gifted and Talented Program seeks to partner with parents to advocate for and meet students' learning needs.  We offer a variety of resources to parents in order to do this.  We encourage parents to communicate with their school's GT resource teacher and to explore the section of this site on Advocacy, Books, FAQs, and Websites to utilize resources available to all individuals with an interest in helping gifted and talented students.

 Ways parents can help their child:




·        Be informed about gifted education and the characteristics of highly able learners (For examples, see below:)

o   Byrdseed’s compilation of gifted characteristics resources

o   NAGC’s Common Characteristics of Gifted Individuals

·        Provide enriching experiences and help their child apply his or her knowledge to real world settings

·        Foster their child's interest and explorations

·        Seek out summer programming through CCPS Summer Enrichment, Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (link ), or Maryland Summer Centers (link )

·        Volunteer at their child's school

·        Partner with their child's Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher to maximize learning experiences

·        Attend the annual CCPS Gifted and Talented Program Parent Night

·        Learn about advocacy for gifted programs and gifted education