Middle School Health

In the middle school, all students in grades 6 - 8 participate in health education classes. Health skills that students will develop include decision making, conflict resolution, refusal skills, communication skills, self-evaluation, and health literacy. Health classes provide the opportunity to acquire accurate information and develop healthful attitudes and behaviors patterns to encourage a healthy lifestyle.  The curriculum provides age-appropriate information that includes the family life and human development, HIV/AIDS and substance abuse prevention, mental health, nutrition, fitness/exercise, and wellness/safety concepts. A Family Life Advisory Committee reviews and approves all curricular materials. Parental permission is required before a student takes the family life and HIV/AIDS prevention unit. The curriculum is in accordance with the Carroll County Board of Education abstinence based education. Abstinence from sexual involvement is stressed through-out  this course and all courses as the safest, most appropriate choice for students. 

 Health Lesson


For more information you can contact:
Dawn Rathgeber, Coordinator of Health Education
Phone:  410-386-1687
Email:  gdrathg@carrollk12.org
Linda Kephart, Supervisor of Health and Physical Education
Phone :  410- 751-3056
Email:  lmkepha@carrollk12.org