Secondary Science

The Carroll County Secondary Science program is designed to prepare all students as successful participants in an increasingly scientific world. Though only a percentage of students graduating from the Carroll County Schools will pursue further study or employment directly related to traditional scientific applications such as medicine, engineering, or research, all students will increasingly require a sound understanding of scientific principles to make informed decisions on issues surrounding ecology, health, or energy, for example. The content and sequence of courses equip all students with the skills and knowledge required to be responsible and participative citizens in the 21st century world.
The middle school and high school curricula are aligned with Maryland learning goals so students are prepared for the Maryland School Assessment (MSA) in eighth grade and the High School Assessment (HSA) at the end of Biology. Opportunities for hands-on experiential learning abound, and students’ use of 21st century technology tools enhances their experiences in all courses. 
The Science program is integral to the mission of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education in Carroll County which recognizes the interrelationships and dependencies among each of these areas of study. In Carroll County, STEM education integrates the processes, skills, content, and language of each discipline through authentic problem-based curriculum experiences. Click here for additional information regarding STEM in Carroll County.
5E Learning Cycle
All science courses are organized using the principles of the 5E learning cycle model. In this model, student misconceptions are identified early in the learning process and continually checked to ensure displacement with correct understanding of concepts. Students first encounter concepts through explorations that are designed to pique their interest and assist them in understanding the relevance and significance of their learning. Gradually, student experiences increase in sophistication to achieve high levels of synthesis and application. Evaluation of student understanding is accomplished throughout the learning process, and teaching methods are continually monitored and modified to meet the needs of the learners. 
High School Science Sequence
The high school science experience for all students begins with Conceptual Physics. Chemistry and Biology follow. Numerous opportunities for advanced study in science exist including Advanced Placement offerings in Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, and Physics. Additionally, an expansive Science Research Program provides students with opportunities to perform original research in areas such as marine ecology, Chesapeake Bay restoration, and hydroponics. 
For additional information related to the secondary science program, contact:
James Peters
Supervisor of Science
Carroll County Public Schools
125 N. Court Street
Westminster, MD 21157