Middle School

  • The American chestnut tree was once a dominant and important species in the eastern United States. The tree was decimated by a blight caused by fungus in the early 1900's. Our science curriculum will have the chestnut's story and restoration efforts embedded within its middle school, biology, and science research curriculum. Content topics of hybridization, DNA genetics, hypovirulence, and gel electrophoresis will be topics that are covered with a consistent commitment to how it relates to creating blight resistant trees. Advanced labs and techniques will accompany field observations regarding actual trees grown at Hashawa Nature Center and on school sites.
  • In grade 8, using portable data acquisition devices, students will monitor and evaluate water quality of a Chesapeake Bay tributary over a period of time. Students will investigate turbidity, pH, temperature, and various nutrient levels. Students will use the data collected to create a video for a public service announcement to recommend ways to improve the water quality in the watershed.