What services can a Schoolwide program provide:

 Title I supplements the school budget to provide services that may support any student, parent and/or teacher based on the schoolwide plan.
Who is eligible for Title I services in a Targeted Assistance program?
To be eligible to receive Title I services, a student must:
·         live in a Carroll County Title I Public School attendance area and,
·         be in grades Kindergarten through Grade 5 and,
·         be identified through multiple assessments to be at risk of failing to meet academic achievement standards.
Poverty is not a criterion for receiving services. 
What services can a Targeted Assistance program provide?
For Identified Students:
Title I provides an instructional program that supplements, and is coordinated with, the instruction that the identified children are receiving in their regular classrooms. Supplemental instruction is provided by a highly qualified teacher and may occur during the school day, before or after school, or in the summer.
For Parents of Identified Students:
Title I provides opportunities for parent involvement and parent education that will ultimately help children achieve high academic standards. Parents help decide what kinds of activities will be offered.
For Teachers of Identified Students:
Title I provides professional development opportunities on research-based reading and mathematics strategies to enhance instruction for students receiving Title I services.