Special Education

The Carroll County Public School System provides Special Education programs and services to all children with disabilities (from birth to their twenty-first birthday) who reside in Carroll County.  Special Education services include diagnostic, instructional, and related services.  Programs and services are provided on a continuum ranging from consultation with regular education teachers, up through full time special education programming.  This continuum of programs and services is designed to ensure that appropriate programs are available to all children with disabilities and that the least restrictive environment for each child is determined based upon the child's unique needs. 

For information about the special education programs and services available  in Carroll County Public Schools,  please contact any of the staff listed below. 


Director of Special Education Services
Supervisor-Elementary Special Education
Supervisor-Elementary Special Education
Supervisor-Middle School Special Education
Supervisor-High School Special Education
Program Specialist-Birth to Five
Program Specialist-Post Secondary Programs
Coordinator of Compliance
Coordinator of Educational Interventions-Special Education
Coordinator of Non-Public Placements


For additional information about special education services in Carroll County, please call the Office of Special Education at 410-751-3033 or Partners for Success at 410-751-3955.