Partners for Success


The Partners for Success Center serves families, educators, and community agencies that need information, support, and resources to address the needs of children in all educational settings.  Center staff assists clients in finding the answers to their questions, resolving concerns, and making informed decisions regarding children's educational needs.  The Center responds to inquiries about Carroll County Public Schools programs, services, policies, and procedures for Carroll County's special education population.  
Our goal is to help parents, educators, and communities to work cooperatively and constructively toward a positive outcome for students.  Where special education is concerned we believe that an informed parent is the most effective advocate and will serve as an active and valued member of their child's IEP team.  All team members are encouraged to use the center as their resource for IEP development and disability information. 
We offer workshops on the basics of special education and the process, accommodations and modifications, understanding your child's IEP, and specialty in-services and workshops upon request.  Partners for Success will present for PTA, support groups, and community agencies.  We have resources for respite care, therapeutic recreation, Maryland waiver programs, and other community supports. 
CONTACT:  Cindy Senseney  410.751.3955 or