Our Staff

Inez Marvel- Program Specialist


Lauren Wieprecht- Program Consultant


Garnett Suddath- Program Secretary


                                  410-751-3496 (fax)           

Michele Geiman- Special Ed Assistant


Cindy Senseney- Parent Educator/Liason


Claudia Bowen- School Psychologist



Educators/Service Coordinators: 

Julie Adams

Casey Brengle- 410-751-3226

Ellie Bullock- 410-751-3554, ext. 2192

Jennie Cushing

Ann Farley- 410-751-3226

Meagan Hall

Megen Lavoie

Jessica Poffenberger- 410-751-3554, ext. 2189

Mollie Sheridan- 410-751-3226


Nurse Service Coordinators:

Natalie Shaffer- 410-876-4779

Ruth Sutton- 410-876-4989


Occupational Therapists:

Terri Beard

Jennie Darsey

Jenn Hobson

Susan Shunkwiler- 410-751-3554, ext. 2191


Physical Therapists:

Terri Brosey- 410-751-3554, ext. 2190

Carol Dansberger

Bethany Stemple

Janet Street


Speech and Language Pathologists:

Sharron Antolick

Pam Evans

Susan Fowble- 410-751-3554, ext. 2108

Renee Gallagher- 410-386-1550

Naomi Greenfield- 410-751-3226

Sara Heath

Mary Beth Ingson

Jody McNary

Jacque Moon

Khemda Nourmand- 410-751-3226

Wendie O'Meally

Jen Russell- 410-751-3226

Ruthie Spritz- 410-751-3226

Josie Woods



*To reach staff members without individual phone lines, you may email them by clicking on the name; or you may contact the Program Secretary.