Post Secondary


Post Secondary Continuum
Beyond 4 Years of High School
ST@CC - Seamless Transition @ Carroll Community
Location - A post secondary program housed at Carroll Community College designed for students with a high level of independence. 
Focus - Academic and social skills, career and employment resource planning, self-determination/self-advocacy, financial literacy, office administration training, and work-based experiences.   
Outcome - Full-time competitive employment without supports
Support - Provided and faded as independence increases.
Examples of work-based experiences on-campus includes:
Environmental Services, Canteen, Fitness Center, Continuing Education, and Administrative Support - in various college offices as needed on special projects.
Examples of paid work-based experiences include:    
Best Western, Lorien, Lowe’s, and Firehouse Subs.
TCP – Transition Connections Program  
Location - A post secondary program independently housed on the campus of Carroll Springs School designed for students with a moderate level of independence.
Focus - Functional academics, career management, communication and social skills, self-determination, residential living skills, personal fitness, computer skills, and work-based experiences.                       
Outcome - At least part-time competitive employment with minimal supports
Support -    Provided and faded as independence increases                     
Examples of volunteer work-based experiences include: 
Retail - Farm Museum Gift Shop, American Greetings, Mustard Seed;                                                    
Custodial -  Carroll County Government, Bureau of Facilities, Salvation Army, Humane Society;           
Food Service - Meals on Wheels;
Clerical - Carroll County Public Library, Law Offices;
Day Care - YMCA, Celebree, Little Friends of Grace.
Examples of paid work-based experiences include:
Carroll Hospital Center, Chick-fil-A, Panera Bread, Giant, Martins, Weis, Stambaughs, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Simply Stone, McDonald’s, and Taco Bell.
VOICE – Vocational Opportunities for Independent Change and Empowerment  
Location - A post secondary program housed in the community designed for students who need a higher level of support.
Focus - The program focuses on functional academics, daily living skills, communication and social skills, and volunteer work-based experiences in an enclave setting. Job coaching support is continual. 
Outcome - Volunteer work-based experiences using an enclave model with full-time supervision.
Support - Full-time supervision provided in a group setting.
Examples of volunteer work-based experiences using an enclave model include:
Food Service -  Simple food prep, rolling silverware, filling condiments;                                                     
Retail - Straightening displays, shop backs, cleaning shopping carts;                                                    
Custodial - dusting, cleaning windows, sweeping, wiping tables, chairs, and shelves.
High School            
Location - A post secondary program housed in the student’s home high school.
Focus - Functional academics, daily living skills, communication and social skills, community-based learning, vocation readiness and work-based experiences.
Outcome - Improved pre-vocational skills and activities of daily living.
Support - Full-time supervision including a higher level of assistance with activities of daily living.
Examples of volunteer work-based experiences in the school setting include:
A classroom run business - i.e. - muffins, dog treats;
Clerical - sorting mail, copying, collating, shredding; Recycling;                                                                  
Cafeteria - Simple food prep, filling silverware, wiping tables, stocking shelves.