Staff Development


Mission Statement:
  • The mission of the Office of Staff Development is to provide high quality, differentiated professional development that engages all members of the school community in continuous professional learning that results in student academic excellence. 
 Core Beliefs:
  • All staff must possess and continually improve upon pedagogical techniques that result in higher levels of student achievement.
  • High quality, differentiated professional development that engages all staff members will result in staff learning that enhances instruction and assessment practices as evidenced by evaluations, observations, SLO’s, collections of student work, etc.
  • CCPS staff development initiatives will be viable, sustainable, align with system resource allocation and be congruent with Vision 2018.
  • CCPS and school based staff development initiatives will be articulated, monitored, evaluated, and have clear expectations and purpose.
  • Strong teacher and leadership induction programs will result in increased student achievement, increased leadership capacity, and higher rates of teacher and leadership retention within CCPS.

 Team Members:

Jeffrey J. Alisauckas - Supervisor of Teacher and Leadership Development
Jamie Weaver- Coordinator of Teacher Induction
Gina Koger - Mentor Teacher
Robyn Marsden - Mentor Teacher
Jennifer McDonald - Mentor Teacher
Gretchen Milchling - Mentor Teacher
Marian Morgan - Mentor Teacher
Margaret Petrella - Mentor Teacher
Mary Wojtkowiak - Mentor Teacher
Sharon Eckenrode - Administrative Assistant
Phone Number: 410-751-3161