Leadership Development


Carroll County Public Schools
Leadership Development Program
Leadership program participants demonstrate and possess an understanding of Carroll County Public School System vision, mission, and goals. Participants possess a “love of learning” and a variety of “hands on” experiences that have prepared them to lead, guide, and facilitate the essential work of the system and school improvement initiatives resulting in improved student achievement.   Carroll County Public Schools Leadership Development Programs identify, prepare, support, acknowledge, and provide candidates with leadership opportunities which prepare them to assume the duties and responsibility required to advance the goals of the system and address the needs of students, staff, parents, and community members.
Carroll County Public Schools Five Tiered approach to Leadership Development believes successful leaders are nurtured and grown from within. The Tiered Leadership Development Program sponsored by Carroll County Public Schools recognizes and reinforces the innate skill, talent, expertise, and capacity residing within the individual. Leaders, within this school system, share their expertise and lead by example thus creating collaborative cooperative learning environments for those aspiring to assume leadership roles within the system and schools. The Five Tied Leadership Development Program are presented below:
Tier I -    Teacher Leaders
Tier II-    Aspiring Leaders
Tier III – Novice Leaders
Tier IV - Veteran Leaders
Tier V – Sustainable Leaders