Veteran Leaders


Tier IV
Veteran Leadership Program
Tier IV Veteran Leaders Professional Development Program participants are system leaders that have held their current position for five or more years. Veteran leaders are the stars of the school system, people who are engaged and engaging, energetic and creative, endlessly self-renewing.   In leadership positions, they are on the cutting edge of their discipline, eagerly attending professional conferences, reading widely in their field, and exploring new forms of practice in their job assignments. They sustain their enthusiasm and their performance at exceptional levels. They stir admiration among many colleagues, envy among some. If we could clone them, our school system would be exemplary.
Tier IV Leadership Development opportunities focus on Veteran Leaders of this caliber are ones who are into or nearing midcareer in their chosen profession. To sustain a positive, constructive outlook on life and work, leaders must find a way to keep developing their strengths, to treasure and celebrate their successes, to appreciate what they can achieve, to pass on to others what they have learned. Leaders in order to continue to stay connected and committed to the goals of the system and outcomes of their position must become generative. Leaders regenerate themselves through defining their purpose and worth to the system and themselves thus avoiding premature resignation when options for professional growth are limited. Generative professional growth opportunities are at the core of successful midcareer leadership transformations thus sustaining happiness and job satisfaction.