Professional Development Schools

A Professional Development School (PDS) is a collaboratively planned and implememted partnership for academic and clinical preparation of interns and the continuous professional development of both school system and instution of higher education (IHE) faculty. The focus of the PDS partnership is improved student performance through research-based teaching and learning. A PDS may involve a single of multiple schools, school systems and IHEs may take many forms to reflect specific partnership activities and approaches to improving both teacher education and PreK-12 schools.

Carroll County Public Schools works with two institutes of higher education to provide PDS partnership programs within Carroll County schools. McDaniel College, Towson University, and Villa Julie work together to provide the intern teachers with high quality training and support to become effective teachers upon graduating from the university. Carroll County employees benefit from participating in high quality professional development, reflective practices, and best practices within the classrooms resulting in higher student achievement.

The Department of Staff Development and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction work together to oversee and provide guidance and support for the PDS schools and IHEs.

Contact Information:

Dr. Margaret Pfaff, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Staff Development
Jamie Weaver, Coordinator of Teacher Induction