Professional Development Standards

Maryland Professional Development Standards

Carroll County Public Schools have adopted the Maryland Professional Development Standards which are aligned with the National Staff Development Council Standards. All professional development offered in Carroll County Public Schools follows the Maryland Professional Development Standards for providing high-quality professional development.

Maryland Professional Development Planning Guide

To assist individuals, teams, and schools in planning high-quality professional development, the utilization of the Maryland Professional Development Planning Guide is recommended. This guide helps focus the planning teams discussion in order to address the needs of the participants and schools.


Five Levels of Evaluating Professional Development

Carroll County Public Schools references the five levels of evaluating high-quality professional development based on the work of Thomas Guskey. Schools are encouraged to determine the effectiveness of their professional development plans and reflect on the five levels as they implement the professional development.

The Carroll County Public School Staff Development Team assists individuals, teams, and administrators in planning and evaluating high-quality professional development to meet the diverse needs of their staff and students.