VPN Home Access

Connecting to Web Portal from the Internet through the SSL VPN Portal

Support for VPN access to the TS Portal from home will be available through the Helpdesk. If unable to connect, please record any error messages in detail. Please also note the specific point in the instructions below at which the trouble occurs. When you return to work, enter the helpdesk call and under the Problem Information section choose “VPN Access” as the classification. This will route the call to the proper technicians.
Our instructions have been written for use with Internet Explorer and Windows XP.  Because of security considerations, older versions of Windows or Internet Explorer (prior to 6.0) are not recommended. Windows Vista, Window 7 or Internet Explorer 7-9 may present other messages when following the connection instructions, but should still work properly.  Browsers other than Internet Explorer—such as Firefox , Opera, or Safari—are not supported.
Signing into the SSL VPN
1.         Open Internet Explorer

2.         Type https://remote.carrollk12.org in the Address Field and click the Go button. When connected to the CCPS network, go to the TS Portal directly by using the icon on your desktop, or by entering https://ccpsportal.ccps.wan in the Address field and clicking the Go button.)

3.         You will be presented with a login screen for the Carroll County Public Schools SSL-VPN Web Portal.
4.         You will use your Active Directory (AD) user name and password here
5.         Enter the username and password. Make sure you select “CCPS Logon” from the Login Service drop-down. After entering the above information, click the ‘Login’ button.
6.         If this is the first time you’ve logged in you will get a ‘VB Script’ message that refers to the ‘Cache Wiper’. Click OK on this grey box message. After you click OK you will see a yellow banner near the top of the page that states ‘This site might require software from: ‘Nortel Networks’. Click here to install…’. Click on that yellow banner and select ‘Install This Add-on…’ Follow the directions to install this software.
7.         Click on the CCPS WebPortal icon under the ‘VPN Users Links’.
8.         The portal will operate much as it does when accessing it on our internal network.
Instructions for Logging Off
1.       You can close any other Internet Explorer windows that are open until you get back to that main screen where you clicked on ‘CCPS Portal’.
2.       You’ll see a ‘Logout’ link in the upper right portion of this window.
3.       Click ‘Logout’ to log off the VPN.
4.       This will bring you back to the initial login window, which you may then close. The VPN will disconnect if there is no activity for 20 minutes.
Notes About Printing
Network printers set up on your CCPS laptop will not work from home. It may appear that the document is printing, but the print job cannot be sent to the printer. As a result, a “spooled” copy of the job may be saved on the laptop, waiting for the printer to become available. Although this may seem acceptable, it stores confidential information on the laptop which may be printed when you do not expect it.
Because of the large variety and quality of home printers, and because of confidentiality issues, we do not recommend printing confidential student information at home.