Bullying Resources

Bullying Information and Resources for Students and Parents


If you are being bullied and want to find out more about who you should talk to and what you can do, explore these links about bullying and cyber bullying.
If you suspect your child is being bullied or may be bullying others, explore these links to find out more on the topics of bullying and cyber bullying and to learn what you can do to help.   

This site provides an explanation of the behaviors most commonly associated with bullying.  It offers several helpful additional sites.  "Stop Bullying Now!" (at the bottom of the site), offers flash movies, games, and information about bullying and how to prevent it.
This site offers parents a filtering program to help them protect their children from cyber bullying, sexting, and other dangers of the digital age.
This link to the Cyberbullying Research Center provides additional links to assist parents and students in identifying, preventing, and responding to cyber bullying.
This helpful site for parents opens with a flashing presentation that provides an insightful description and examples of cyber bullying--worth watching!  You can then click "skip this intro" to access more information on topics such as how to prevent it and how to take action.
These sites include resources and videos on cyber bullying and cyber safety.