Health Services

Carroll County Public Schools and Carroll County Health Department work together to provide a comprehensive school health program. Carroll County Public Schools employs full time nurses in every school to meet the health needs of the students. School nurses report to Ms. Filipa Gomes, Supervisor of Health Services. Carroll County Health Department provides personnel to perform vision and hearing screenings in the schools. Community health nurses regularly visit the schools for referrals to assist with community follow-up for student health problems.

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  • Role of the Nurse

  • Immunizations

  • Medication Policies and Procedures

  • Health Appraisals / Physicals

  • Hearing / Vision Screenings

  • Communicable Disease

  • Dental

  • Chronic Health Conditions

  • School Health Council

  • Confidentiality

  • Lead Testing

The School Health Services Mission in Carroll County is established in the premise of that all children can learn.

The Mission of School Health Services is:

  1. To assist students to reach their maximum health status so they are able to learn to their full potential.

  2. To work with the Educational Team to help assure that the unique physical, mental and developmental needs which impact their ability to learn are met.

  3. To develop nursing objectives according to students' individual needs.

  4.  To be an integral part of the educational support system for all students, grades Pre-K - 12.