Out of District

Students Attending Schools Out-of-District

The policy of the Board of Education is that students shall attend the school designated for the attendance area in which they reside.  In some specific and limited situations, students may be considered for placement outside of their designated attendance area. The Student Services Department shall consider such requests. Purchasing a property, renting, moving into another families home, etc., while at the same time maintaining another residence in the county, will not constitute a reason for enrollment in a school in the attendance area of the secondary residence.

Out of District Eligibility:

Each school is identified as Open, Closed or Underpopulated based on student enrollment.  Click on the link at the bottom of this page to view a list of Open, Closed and Underpopulated schools.  Once you have identified a school's status please click on the link at the bottom of the page to view the criteria for out of district placement at that school.

Out of District Application Process:

Students who currently attend a school as approved out of district students shall renew their application via an online renewal process.  The family will receive an email from the Student Services Department to initiate the online renewal process.  Families must reply to the email by February 1, to be considered.  Families who are renewing their application and do not have a valid email address on file at the school will receive a reminder of the deadline via US mail. Note: Those out-of-district students currently attending North Carroll High School, New Windsor Middle School, and Charles Carroll Elementary School will not be included in the renewal process. If those students want to be considered for a 2016-2017 out-of-district placement, the student shall complete a 2016-2017 out of district paper application or contact the Student Services Department at (410) 386-1520 for assistance. Applications are available on the website, in all schools, or in the Student Services Department. First time applicants and students who are currently approved but requesting an out of district placement at a different school shall complete a paper application.  Applications may be obtained by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. Completed applications must be postmarked or personally delivered by February 1, to:

Carroll County Public Schools
Student Services Department
125 N. Court St.
Westminster, MD 21157

Applications postmarked/received after the deadline date of February 1, will be returned to the sender without consideration.


Applications will be processed by March 1.

Transportation to and from the out-of-district school will be the responsibility of the parent(s) or guardian(s).

The Pupil Personnel Worker, with approval of the Director of Student Services, may rescind the out of district placement if one of the following conditions exists:

1. child’s attendance, behavior, or grades are unsatisfactory
2. child no longer meets out-of-district criteria
3. the information provided in the out-of-district application is found to be false or misrepresented

If a request is denied, the decision of the Pupil Personnel Worker may be appealed in writing to the Superintendent of Schools, 125 N. Court Street, Westminster, MD 21157.  Appeals and all supporting documentation must be received no later than ten (10) working days after the decision of the Pupil Personnel Worker.  The appeal of the Superintendent/Designee's decision shall be addressed to the President of the Board of Education, 125 N. Court Street, Westminster, MD 21157.  Appeals and all supporting documentation must be received by the President of the Board of Education within thirty (30) days after the decision is rendered.

Chart of Open, Closed & Underpopulated Schools 2015-2016

Chart of Open, Closed & Underpopulated Schools 2016-2017 

 Criteria for Out of District Placement 

2015-2016 Out of District Application

2016-2017 Out of District Application

Procedures for Students Impacted by School Closing and Redistricting  

*If you currently have an approved Out of District placement and wish to continue in the same school, you will receive an email notification to renew online.