Student Resources

Core Statement
Seeing students for what they can become.

Core Values: Northwest Student 

  • Display evidence of Husky P.R.I.D.E. to reach your full potential.
  • Respect our learning and its diverse individuals.
  • Accept personal responsibility for oneself.
  • Develop the skills to thrive as a 21st century learner and citizen.
  • Develop effective communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.


Discovery Education Website 


PARCC Testing Practice Site 
The following link is available to provide Students and Parents information for the upcoming PARCC Test.  To see a preview of the test and complete a practice test, please click here:




Husky Pride Initiatives and Support








Husky Paw Prints

  • Given by Teachers or any Staff Member
  • Earned for exhibiting any of the PRIDE traits
  • Students place their paw prints in container on cafeteria stage
  • 6 winners (two from each grade level) drawn each Friday on TV News
  • Winners come to prize room for prize (2 items from the school store, gift certificates to school dance or local businesses, ice cream pass, husky pens, note pads, or water bottles
  • Goal is to catch all students doing something positive

Positive Office Referrals

  • Given by Teachers or any Staff Member
  • Earned for exhibiting most of the PRIDE traits or for an exceptional act
  • Students are given the referral and report immediately to the office for a Husky Pride Call home and a Husky Pride frame, gym bag, or T-shirt
  • Goal is that each teacher would make about 2 referrals each month

School Wide Behavior Rewards

  • Reward activities will be in November, March, and May
  • Rewards will be determined by the committee during the year
  • Students who have had 0 timeout or office referrals during the time periods will participate in the reward activity




 Thank you for helping promote positive behavior at

Northwest Middle School