Carroll County Public Schools Outdoor School


Below is a list of ideas for student service learning projects that may be used to earn 10 hours toward your Service Learning Graduation Requirement. These are only suggestions. It would certainly be appropriate to develop your own plan and project based upon your particular interest, expertise, parental involvement, home location, and need. 

  •    Re-vegetation /Tree or shrub planting
  •    Grass plantings in erosion areas
  •    Placement of erosion bars
  •    Bike Week/Energy Conservation Week
  •    Butterfly garden/meadow
  •    Evaluating and implementing water conservation techniques
  •    Re-vegetation along a stream or pond
  •    Survey of household pollutants and implementing alternatives
  •    Survey of household water use and water drainage
  •    Development and implementation of compost pile
  •    Stream / pond clean up
  •    Planning and modifying energy usage at home
  •    Letter writing campaign to support/reject legislation
  •    Install conservation devices to reduce water flow in sinks and toilets
  •    Survey of school yard habitat features
  •    Survey bicycle usage
  •    Construction and placement of bird houses
  •    Environmental letter to a newspaper editor
  •    Wetland / water garden project  
REMINDER: Students must return their completed Reflection Form by October of their 7th grade year in order to earn the 10 additional service learning hours for projects done at home after attending Outdoor School. The Reflection Form must be returned to the Student Service Coordinator at the home school. This form is the last page in the students' Outdoor School journal.
DIRECT: Provide proper habitat for specific species of birds.
INDIRECT: Assist nature center in surveying types of birds visiting
center feeders.
ADVOCACY: Write a pamphlet or letters to the newspaper informing
them about your findings.