Sandymount Elementary School

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Sandymount Elementary School

Sandymount Elementary School

Sandymount Elementary School

2222 Old Westminster Pike
Finksburg, MD  21048

(410) 751-3215

Fax - 410-751-3925

Shakira Murphy, Principal

Stacy Kowaleviocz, Assistant Principal



S - Strategic Thinkers


E - Excited Learners


S - Successful Leaders


2017 School Improvement Plan - Coming Soon



Common Core Overview Video


Math Common Core Parent Guides


ELA Common Core Parent Guides


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Collective Committments

Our students, teachers and community are committed to ensuring we:

- seek authentic opportunities to engage students in learning.

- promote critical and creative thinking, collaboration, problem solving and leadership.

- model life-long learning.

- demonstrate accountability, high expectations, and a respect for learning.

- develop interactive and educational uses for technology to support teachers and engage learners.


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School Hours:

Doors open at 9:00 AM

School starts at 9:30 AM

School dismisses at 4:00 pm