School Counseling


Westminster High School
School Counseling Department
Office: 410-751-3636
Fax: 410-386-4597
College Board School Code (CEEB Code): 211080

The mission of Westminster High School's Counseling Department is:



TO    Guide all students through the educational process by cultivating 
                 Respectful relationships built on partnerships with parents,
                  teachers,and community.  Counselors will provide necessary
                  tools for students to
         Acquire academic, career, and personal/social skill sets needed
                 for their future
endeavors.  Counselors will
         Develop appropriate comprehensive services 
                which allow students to
         Utilize their individual abilities, strengths, and
         Achievements as they
         Transition from being an engaged student, to being productive 
                citizens and life-long learners.
         Interventions will be proactive and delivered via classroom lessons, 
                individual counseling, & small group settings.  Counselors
                will provide
        Ongoing evaluation of service delivery that is data-driven and 
               responsive to the needs of our dynamic community.  Counselors 
               will also strive to create an environment where the
eeds of all stakeholders in the WHS family are supported with 
               dignity & respect.


CCPS School Counseling Program Vision & Mission