8th Grade Transition

8th Grade Transition Program
Steps to a successful transition from Middle School to High School







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Step 1: School Counselors visit the Middle Schools.  We will talk to 8th graders about graduation requirements and course selection.  Course selection materials will be handed out at this time and counselors will work with students and begin the course selection process using teacher recommendations and student/parent input.  (January/February)

Step 2: 8th grade parent night.  Parents and students are invited to WHS to get more information about graduation requirements. (January/February)

Step 3: 8th grade transition day.  During the spring of 8th grade, students are invited to come to WHS for a half day to get some insight on high school life at WHS. (May/June)

Step 4: Incoming freshman orientation over the summer.  Before students start at WHS they have the opportunity to explore and learn more about WHS. (August)

Step 5: Freshman four-year-planning meeting.  During ninth grade, counselors meet with ninth graders in advisory to go over the four year plan, discuss the remainder of high school, and prepare for life beyond graduation. (grade 9)