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 What is Career Connections?

Career Connections, Maryland’s workforce preparation and economic development partnership, helps prepare today’s students for the career and educational opportunities of tomorrow.

Educators, businesses, students, and parents are working together to expand career development and provide opportunities for career exploration to assist students in making informed decisions regarding their future.

Career Connections involves the various groups of a community (school, business, and parent) to help in educating and preparing tomorrow’s citizens. Connecting Westminster High students to the community workforce is also a tool for businesses to help develop and educate their own future workforce, and for educators to engage their communities to help every student succeed.

Ms. Emily Hester
Career Connections Coordinator

Phone: (410) 751-3630 ext: 2390

Fax: (410) 751-3640



2017-17 CCPS High School Program of Studies

and Career Pathways Planning Guide  


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This webpage offers insight into careers in the accounting field; take 5 minutes to learn all you need to know.



 Internship Program Requirements

Students must have:


      • Senior status
      • Grade point average of 2.5 or greater
      • Excellent attendance (94% or greater)
      • Completed ALL 75 service learning hours
      • All graduation requirements scheduled
      • HAS requirements met
      • Their own transportation
      • Completed coursework that matches the intern placement (see completer/career majors list)


If you or your child have all of the program requirements and would like to discuss participating in an internship, contact Ms. Hester


Internship Forms



Frequently Asked Questions


1) What are the requirements for entry into a Career Connection activity?

            The basic requirements are that students must have:

1) Senior status;

2) 2.5 GPA;

3) 94% attendance rate;

4) Completed all 75 service hours;

5) Completed HSA requirements.

            The internship should be an extension of the courses the student has taken.


2) How many credits is an internship worth?

            A student can earn up to 2 credits in an internship during a semester. Credit earned is based on time completed at the site (1/2 credit = 66 hours).


3) When do I participate in the internship?

            Either Fall or Spring semester, and possibly even during the summer. In place of a class period, the student will report to the work site.


4) How are the internships “found”?

            The Career Coordinator and the student will work together to find a possible location. Career Coordinators will make a site visit to the possible locations to evaluate and begin the necessary paperwork.


5) What are the advantages of participating in an internship?

·        Colleges are looking for the student with different experiences. It will set you apart.

·        Develop and refine workplace skills.

·        Allow you to apply what you have learned in class.

·        Exposure to professional role models.

·        Eliminate or validate: An internship will assist greatly in determining if this is, or is not, what you want to do in the future.

Career Connections Benefits

For Employers
Observe and evaluate potential employees in work settings prior to hiring
Strengthen their partnerships with parents, schools, and communities
Enhance the functioning of current employees who learn by teaching

For Students
Apply classroom learning in the real world
Develop career awareness
Focus on career versus job preparation
Develop & refine workplace skills
Exposure to professional role models and positive work ethics

For Educators
Increase opportunities for students to apply classroom learning
See student interest in education increase
Enhance their knowledge of career opportunities
Develop a better understanding of the business community

Career Exploration
US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Great site to research the future trends and requirements of specific careers.
Good site for searching for summer jobs or post high school jobs and it's local!

There is a lot to explore on this site! It provides students with job hunting tools and career tools. Also provides information on job preparedness: i.e. resumes, portfolios, dress.
This website is for job seekers and employers. For WMHS students it is a teaching website that provides tools that get you prepared for a career after high school.
If you are in the STEM academy and want to become an engineer, check out this site and look at what the industry is requiring.



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