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Service Learning Hour Requirement 

Service Learning Hour Reflection Form

Service Learning Opportunities Available in the Community

Important Service Learning Hour information for JUNIORS
In order to attain "senior status" all students must have completed 55 of the 75 required hours by the end of thier junior year.  If you have any questions about this, please contact our Service Learning Coordinator, Ms. Dine Mongold ( or contact your School Counselor.

Course-related Service Option
Students may fulfill the Service-Learning Graduation Requirement by successfully completing courses that contain a service-learning component.  Students must earn the minimum of 75 service-learning hours to satisfy the Service-Learning Requirement.  The number of hours each course provides is listed below.  

Advanced Laboratory- Child Development (30 hours)
American Sign Language III (10 hours)
Applied Art (10 hours)
Aquatic Environmental Science (15 hours)
Child Development Laboratory (30 hours)
Government (5 hours)
Issues in American Society (10 hours)
Media Assistant (10 hours)
Peer Facilitating (10 hours)
Science Lab Aide (10 hours)
Science Research I, II (10 hours)
Special Education Aide (10 hours)
US History (10 hours)
Terrestrial Environmental Science (15 hours)
Yearbook Production (10 hours)

Exemplary Service Award
Students who complete a minimum of 300 service-learning hours by May 1 of their senior year will earn teh Exemplary Service Award and will be honored with a certificate upon graduation.
Service-Learning hours must be documented on a Service-Learning Reflection Form and approved by the Service-Learning Coordinator in the same year in which the service is performed.