The Owl Guide to Research

The Owl Guide to Research

I.  Steps in the Research Process

The Big 6

II.  Introduce MLA formatting

III.  Writing Thesis Sentences, Introduction

A.  Definition of Thesis Statement and Sample Thesis Statements:

Thesis Statements

B.  Writing a Thesis Statement

C.  Weak vs. Strong Thesis Statements

IV.  Note Taking

A.  Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing

B.  Paraphrasing

1.  How To:

2.  Sample Essay Paraphrased

C.  Directly Quoting (In-Text Citations)

V.  Outlining

Outline Template and Example

VI.  Starting to Draft Your Research Paper

VII.  Writing Topic Sentences and Body Paragraphs

VIII.  Incorporating Quotations, Internal Citation

A.  C-E-C     Context - Evidence - Connection

1.  C-E-C Bookmark

2.  C-E-C Graphic Organizer

B.  In-Text Citations in MLA format

IX.  Using Transitions and Transitional Devices

X.  Writing Conclusions

XI.  Formatting the Research Paper in MLA

A.  Review the Purdue PowerPoint

B.  Sample Paper in MLA format

XII.  Works Cited Page

A.  Formatting:

B.  Style Sheet:  Sample Electronic Source Cards

C.  Style Sheet:  Sample Source Cards

D.  Sample Works Cited Page - see pages 10 -11

E.  MLA web site:

XIII.  Resources


B.  Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab:

C.  Rubrics

1.  English I and Global Perspectives

a.  Content - Org Rubric 9 - 10

b.  Style - GMU Rubric 9-10

2.  Survey and Brit

a.  Content - Org Rubric 11 -12

b.  Sytle - GMU Rubric 11 -12

D.  Peer Editing Worksheet