Policies and Procedures

 Hours of Operation
7:20 am-2:45 pm
After School Study Hall
2:45-3:45 pm

The Mission of the Westminster High School Media Center is to provide authoritative and relevant print and non-print resources along with instruction of appropriate information literacy skills that will enable students to be independent researchers and problem solvers in our diverse and global society.

                                                                  Media Center Policies

Sign in               Passes for the media center are required during the school day. Students may get 
                           passes from a teacher or the media center staff. Students are asked to sign in at the
                           circulation desk.
Research          DESTINY, the Media Center electronic catalog of print and non- print materials is on 
                           all computers in the school and available at home. Library databases are available
                           from the Destiny homepage. Usernames and passwords for these databases     
                           can be found in the student agenda book.
Check out          ID cards are used to check books out of the media center. Books and magazines are
                           circulated for a three-week period. They may be renewed for an additional three
                           weeks if necessary. Reference books may be checked out overnight.
Fines                  WHS charges 10 cents per day for overdue items and 25 cents per day for  
                           Reference materials. Items are stamped with the due date and overdue         
                           notices are sent  out on a regular basis. Students will be charged replacement 
                           costs  for any lost items.
Computer Use    Students may use the media center’s computers for school and academic 
                           purposes. Students are expected to follow the telecommunications policy for Carroll
                           County public schools at all times.
Printers              Printers are available for student use but it is always wise to read the selection
                           before they print to avoid unnecessary printing. To save paper, students may want to
                           highlight, copy and paste selected text rather than printing the entire piece.
Conduct             Students are expected to work quietly and stay on task at all times. Food and drink 
                           are not allowed in the media center.   Backpacks are to be left in the classroom.